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(SEMI) Friends Only Entry

Comment to be added! 

(wanted to make a new entry for this because the other one was irrelevant/didn't have a pretty banner) 

Things that will be unlocked:
-Most Fanfiction/Drabbles/Original Work (some short fics, however, will be f-locked, but I'll try to keep longer pieces unlocked) 
-Some meme entries
-Art Work (if I happen to draw anything I'm proud of) 

Banner by misako_chan 

[D. Gray Man] 34. Champagne

A/N: Small 2 page (or so) drabble when Allen and Kanda meet up and decide that hey, maybe they should go save Lavi. Yeah. That's kind of important. And kind of maybe will end very, very badly. Not sure if this drabble will get any longer (it probably will when I have time) but hey when was the last time I wrote something (and posted it) for this fandom? With that said, enjoy! I hope XD;

Since when did Moyashi's grow wings?Collapse )

[Original] Not Quite as Big as You Think

A/N: Okay so before we go into where the heck I've been, let's just say LJ's been a dick (and hasn't been loading) and schoolwork has taken over my life. Literally. 3 days off during the week = lots of free time? HAHAHAH yeah right. Anyway this is a rough draft for my Creative Writing class. The reason I'm posting it (and not the...3 or 4 others I've written before now) is because I might want to expand on the main character of this piece. Also sorry in advance about the formatting, it's past midnight and I don't really feel like going back through and adding spaces. It's how our Professor wants it (or well he wants it double spaced but I find that even more annoying than single spaced) so that's how I'm keeping it, cuz I don't really feel like printing out more paper than I need to xD

COMMENTS would be appreciated (just please remember yes I know there are errors and I'm uploading this with that knowledge. It's called a rough draft for a reason xD)

"No cheese references please." He cut me off. "Or Spongebob. Why do you even still watch that show?" Read more...Collapse )

50 Prompts/Sentences Challenge

Because I haven't done one in a while...and because none of the ones I found looked good enough I decided to make one of my own (ntoe I used a random word generator to help)

Will also be posting this over on tumblr :3

  1. Blame

  2. Proof

  3. Assistance

  4. Going

  5. Birthday

  6. Scientist

  7. Silent

  8. Behalf

  9. Rumor(ed)

  10. Tip

  11. Idle

  12. Brother

  13. Beneath

  14. Redecorate

  15. Gravitation

  16. Kilt

  17. Afterthought

  18. Unearth

  19. Shield

  20. Blacklist

  21. Misquoted

  22. Copying

  23. Argue/Arguing

  24. Lens

  25. Bell

  26. Arrest(ed)

  27. Havoc

  28. Tool

  29. Blanket

  30. Fancy

  31. Dash

  32. Away

  33. Syndication

  34. Champagne

  35. Note

  36. Physical

  37. Dull

  38. Frozen

  39. Stumble(d)

  40. Hunt

  41. Gibberish

  42. Camp

  43. Weak(ness)

  44. Bargain

  45. Alcohol

  46. Wind

  47. Temptation

  48. Eighteen

  49. Bottle

  50. Rhythm

There are Dots on the Wall

A/N: There are times when I really love my dad...even when he makes no sense whatsoever. Tonight driving back home from seeing Thor is one of those times. This is based off of the conversation we had. Yes the majority of what is said here WAS actually said in the car. I just phrased it differently.

Heck I'm not even sure what this but enjoy? 


Imagine a room painted green.

Imagine a room painted blue.

Imagine a room painted green and blue (or maybe blue and green?).

Now imagines dots. Orange dots, red dots, green dots.

With faces.

And depending on what you do these faces change.

And depending on what you do these dots go from wall to wall.

And depending on what you do these dots with faces that move wall to wall make different expressions.

These dots are a defense mechanism.

They keep trolls without axes away.

They keep trolls without axes who speak french in loud angry voices from entering your domain.

But no one knows how the magic works.

It just does.

So here you are in a room painted blue and green with dots on the walls that have faces that change depending on certain outcomes and keep angry french speaking trolls away.

And they must not have axes.

If they do then this defense mechanism does not apply.

Please Refresh the Page and try again.

You will get the same results.


Something Happier: ARTWORK 8D

DoodleDump 1?
by ~Harmony283 on deviantART

<--Click on the picturrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre




No yeah seriously. Finally made myself scan all these. XD


[DGM] A Twisted Knot

A Twisted Knot
For: dgm_fuh_q Round 11!
Pairing: Kanda/Madarao
Summary: [AU] in a world where a caste system is everything Madarao isn't looking for perfection. He isn't looking for Kanda  either, but he found him anyway.
A/N: What. Is. This. I don't even--yeah okay. So this idea I will admit ran away from me really, really fast and I wrote most of it when I had a paper due (which might account for such ….odd  scene changes/jumps. I really didn't think I'd get this finished on time). It might also account for the kind of AU it is, since I normally don't uh…write ones like this (which means there's going to be a few pieces of terminology that will be explained at the end…for those who want to read it).  Oh, and while this does go into M rated territory….uh yeah the plot will probably outshine most of it. Regardless I really hope people enjoy reading this and comments would definitely be appreciated!



But he doesn't remember much after that. He hopes no one can blame him.Collapse )


For those who don't watch the kink meme (it's been so inactive lately it's sad) I've started to fill a request that, ironically, is on the first page. The only reason I noticed it was because someone seconded it yesterday night. Can I say the seconding option CAN be useful? (as long as it doesn't run away from ya, of course).

But yeah since the rich text format isn't working for me right now, I gotta use HTML so *hopes she doesn't screw up*

The Kinkmeme fill

(I will say ahead of time that the fill will most likely NOT have any smut in it, if that really isn't your cup of tea, as for the relationships between the characters....I'll let you guys decide XD)

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